www.swimming.org – Lots of useful information for athletes and parents on healthy eating and training. Regular GB and top level Synchro updates.

http://synchroswim.isport.com/ – a great site for synchronised swimmers tips

www.youtube.com/channel/UCiaHbBBlLdo3UYOiIcNEuDg?feature=mhee – My youtube channel with training ideas, alot of our sessions are inspired from these videos. Some excellent stretching tutorials done by young girls for young to practice at home.

www.fina.org  – european swimming organisation, alot of useful information on competition rules among other things.

www.fabricland.co.uk – one of our fabric souces

www.paulnewbery.co.uk – our club photographer

www.milano-pro-sport.com – our team tracksuit supplier

www.swimshop.co.uk – our club hat and bottle supplier

www.selkieswimwear.co.uk – our wonderful costume designer who designs and makes bespoke costumes starting from £60.00

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