Henley Synchronised Swimming Club was started in 1977 by three coaches. We currently have 4 Coaches who also are the club committee. We also have a club photographer and website designer.

There are 5.5 hours training a week available to our girls, boys, ladies and men! Our training times are Thursday 5pm-8pm and Sundays 5pm-7.30pm, the first hour of each session is land based. Our sessions include stretching, stamina, strength, routine and figure. Some training is on land, but most is in the water. We are constantly seeking new ways to improve all of our swimmers.

Henley is largely based on having fun and building team manship whilst developing Synchro skills as much as possible in each pupil. We have been competing since 1978. We have competed in competitions from inter-county to nationals, medalling in many.

Once a year we do an annual show to display to parents and friends the progression of our swimmers. Also yearly we grade our girls. Most of our girls are working towards recreational grades and some of our girls will be working towards competitive skill levels.

As a club we have always prided ourselves on our routines. Our routines have always had themes, are always original and always have matching themed costumes and make-up. Teams are always choreographed by coaches with swimmer input. When it comes to solos and duets we like to encourage swimmers to make up the majority of the routine with guidance from the coaches.

One of our favourite things as a club is the costumes. The coaches make the costumes from scratch to fit each swimmer and specific to each routine. Each costume can take up to a day to make, the result is completely worth it, most of the girls are happy so long as we have the best costumes!

Not sure if Synchronised Swimming is for you or your child?

Synchronised swimming builds many life skills, such as team manship, spatial awareness, creativity, independence, musicality, confidence, commitment, flexibility, strength, power, stamina and any other physical attribute you could think of.

Synchro is often described as a 400m sprint whilst holding your breath and looking graceful.

Gymnasts, all dancers (particularly ballet), musicians and swimmers pick up synchronised swimming very quickly. With many artistic sports the younger one starts the better they will be. This is not to say only young people can start we have taken swimmers as old as 65.

We take from 6 years old so long as they can swim 100 meters.

Anyone can swim at Henley and everyone will be part of a team and get to swim routines at competition.

Henley Synchronised Swimming Club - Christmas show photo




Henley Synchronised swimming is now closed. Your nearest clubs are Reading Royals and Witney Synchro