London Regional Invitational Competition

Henley Synchronised Swimming Club entered 2 team and 4 duets in the London Regional Invitational Competition at Morton Park Leisure Centre on Saturday 9th June. The 9-12 duets swam to Native Amarican music, the mixed duet swam to music from Beauty and the Beast, the 13-18 duet swam to music from Wonder Woman, the 9-12 Team had a yoga theme and the 13-18 Team swam to music from Blue Planet. Mikki Carter coached and choreographed the 9-12 routines and the 13-18 duet. Emma Hobson coached and choreographed the 13-18 Team and the Mixed Duet. All athletes had fantastic swims and the routines were placed:

9-12 Grade 0-2 Duet – Gold
9-12 Grade 2-3 Duet – Gold
13-18 Grade 3+ Duet – Gold
13-18 Mixed Duet – Gold
9-12 Team – 5th out of 8

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Henley Synchronised swimming is now closed. Your nearest clubs are Reading Royals and Witney Synchro