Mikki and Emma spent about a week in Madrid with the Madrid sincro retiro club. The girls training was very impressive, some videos of the 12 and unders are on our facebook page. We were there during their National championships which lasted for 4 days. The retiro club placed 4th for their free routine and 3rd for their combination routine. Unfortunately the 12 and under duet didn’t qualify to swim but did get to swim as standard setters and show what they could do, which was very impressive.

Emma and Mikki stayed at two other coaches houses, got toured Madrid before going to training every evening 7-10 with the 12 and under team. Their pool facilities were amazing, two 50m pools on indoor one outdoor, a diving pit with 3 trampolines around the edge and a practise dive board on to a crash mat. The Spanish sincro retiro club were truly inspirational, exciting and fun.

One of the Spanish retiro 12 and unders stayed with one of our Henley 12 and unders for a week. We hope to get some photo’s and stories to upload soon.

We are hoping to set up and exchange for all the girls next year to spend 3-4 nights in madrid then 3-4 nights with the Spanish retiro club in henley. We are planning to maybe do a 2 day swim camp then a couple of days sightseeing.

More to come on this…



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