First competition of the year, all the girls looked great and swam well. There was a lot of attention from other clubs on their costumes and their brilliant performance bought our club home 1 rosette 2 silvers and a gold.

First up in the whole competition was our 10 and under duet Eleanor and a new comer Charlotte, they swam really in time and looked so cute. Their music was from the Great British bake of theme. They were given a rosette for their hard work on the routine.







Next from our club was our 12 and under duet with Amelia and Alexandra. They swam to a medley of Bugsy Malone music. Their interpretation of the music was excellent they both had amazing presence in the water which got better and better as they swam, there were hardly ever synchronisation errors and even then they were very small. They won second place, which is amazing as it was their first ever competition as a duet.





Then our 15/16/17 team swam. They looked amazing in their new costumes, their music was from Bring It On. A lot of the arm movements and patterns were taken from the cheer routines in the film. The girls swam very sharp and high. The first lift with Sydney standing was extremely high, her feet were all the way out so well done to steph and poppy for lifting. A big well done to the girls new to the team this year, they have all improved massivly to step up to the current swimmer and the hard choreography from Karen. This team was so good through out that they came away with a gold medal.




After a break and a quick change Steph and Poppy swam their duet. The first half of the duet was perfectly in time. All the lifts were really high. The choreography was very hard bringing the technical results up. They won a silver medal for their Bruce all Mighty themed duet.





Last but not least was our 13/14 team swimming to music from Back to the future, they swam very well keeping in time, both lifts were very high and all of them smiled beautifully. They missed 3rd place very narrowly.




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Henley Synchronised swimming is now closed. Your nearest clubs are Reading Royals and Witney Synchro