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This saturday evening our club did a 30 mintue show, with the help of Reading synchro, along with other aquatic clubs from the area to help raise money to keep the edwardian lido in Reading.

The Albatross dive club did a breathtaking display followed by a 15 minute run through with some of our duets and solos from last year and two solos from reading synchro. Poppy and Steph swam their routine brilliantly even though the music cut out half way through and they swam all the way to the end perfectly in time! Alexandra, and Marion swam their solos choreographed by themselves and swam beautifully.

Water polo were in after our first demonstration and most of our Henley girls got in and had a go, admitted by the water polo guys we have better eggbeat! It was great fun as you can see by all of our smiles.

Reading royals swam their tech team, free team and a routine with hula hoops themed on the olympics.

After the break our Muppets 12 and under team were up first followed by our tron 19 and under team, amelia swam her solo to music from aladin and the finale to the official Olympic song by muse that our whole club did in the 2012 henley show.

The octopush Reading and Caversham clubs did a couple of games afterwards which all our girls tried and alot of the diving club did too. It was very competitive and for a noncontact sport was quite physical.

The dive club finished off with a display of their top divers including a boy in the junior gb team.

All in all it was great fun and our club had a fantastic time. I hope enough money got raised for the Lido!

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Henley Synchronised swimming is now closed. Your nearest clubs are Reading Royals and Witney Synchro